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Susan Lawrence, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Life Coach

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A Unique Online Quit-Smoking Hypnosis Program

What if you could reach complete freedom from smoking?

What would your life look like without cigarettes? 

What if there was a secret to quit smoking easily?

Simply listen to three 60-minute audio recordings and you'll be one step closer to being smoke-free. Easily listen to all three in the same day, one each day for three weeks, or at your convenience.

Money-Back Guarantee

Client Testimonial

"Susan is incredible. She is caring and her process is insightful. She took the time to explain everything first so there were no surprises. Susan has a very soothing voice and put me right at ease. Thank you Susan!"

Carolyn K.

Client Testimonial

"I have had a remote hypnosis regression with Susan and I’m so happy I did. She’s very professional, patient, and thanks to her I was able to release fears, shame and pain that occurred in past life released and healed all in one session. I’m all heartily recommending to have a session with her."

Joy F.

Client Testimonial

"My first session with Susan was out of this world and I can't wait for the next one. The healing power of this experience goes beyond the imaginable from your body to your soul."

Valeria A.

Gift Cards

Have a family member or friend that may benefit from one of my online hypnosis programs? An electronic gift card is the perfect idea!



Uncover and Release the Root Cause of Your Smoking Addiction

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