This 3-session solution uncovers and releases the root cause of your smoking addiction to take you from enslaved to elated, effortlessly!

For a limited time, I am also including 5 bonus assets with each online smoking cessation program:

Easy-To-Be-Smoke-Free Quickstart

  • Sue's Welcome (Word Document)
  • Introduction To Sessions (Video)

Session 1 - Identifying and Releasing Underlying Causes

  • Smoking Session 1 (Audio)

Session 2 - Gaining Peace By Accepting What You Cannot Change

  • Smoking Session 2 (Audio)

Session 3 - Cutting Cords To Your Smoking Habit

  • Smoking Session 3 (Audio)

Bonus 1 - 6-Hour Subliminal Nighttime Music

  • Nighttime 6-Hour Subliminal Session (Audio)

Bonus 2 - Transmuting Technique: An Easy Way to Train Your Mind to be Positive

  • Transmuting Technique (PDF Document)
  • Transmuting Technique (Audio)

Bonus 3 - Transformational Mind Technique: Engaging Your Superconscious Mind to Make Positive Changes

  • Transformational Mind Technique (PDF Document)
  • Transformational Mind (Audio)

Bonus 4 - Nighttime Easy Surrender Technique: Releasing Negative Emotions Through A Nighttime Routine

  • Nighttime Easy Surrender Technique - NEST (PDF Document)
  • Nighttime Easy Surrender Technique - NEST (Audio)

Bonus 5 - The Love Technique: Learning to Love Yourself

  • Love Technique (PDF Document)
  • Love Technique Hypnosis Session (Audio)

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