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This 3-step solution uncovers and releases the root cause of your smoking addiction to take you from enslaved to elated.

Simply listen to three 60-minute audio recordings and you'll be one step closer to being smoke-free. Easily listen to all three in the same day, one each day for three weeks, or at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If I'm interrupted during an audio session, do I have access to start at the beginning or is it a one-time link?

- The curriculum link continues to work for one year. Feel free to listen to it as often as you'd like! 

2. Would it be just as effective for me to listen to your audio sessions on my bluetooth sound bar that fills the room with the audio, or should I use ear buds for it to be more effective?

- Either way will work the same. But if we had to choose, it would be headphones.

3. Is the PDF file the same verbiage as the audio? Is it used to reinforce the hypnosis sessions?

- Yes, the PDF contains the exact same verbiage.

4. What are the messages on the subliminal tape? Is it a type of positive reinforcement or designed to release negative patterns that have been locked in one's subconscious?

- It’s for positive reinforcement of the smoking cessation program. You will wake up feeling great!